It has been reported by Gallup poll that about 8% of adult Americans, which is roughly 21 million people, have personally been scammed. Fraud is a widespread problem that can take several forms, each with its own unique characteristics and consequences. It is crucial for individuals and organizations to understand the various types of fraud to stay alert and implement effective preventive measures.

These are just a few examples of the various types of fraud that can have far-reaching consequences for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Combating fraud requires a multifaceted approach involving education, regulatory measures, and collaboration among law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, and the public.

As a business owner, what can you do to protect your business?
Tap into Integro Bank's suite of Fraud Deterrent Tools. 

As the number and complexity of fraud schemes continue to grow, it's vital for you to have tools in place to help mitigate your exposure to these types of activities. Monitoring your accounts within Online Banking is a good first step, but you can do even more.

Integro Bank offers a variety of options to help you mitigate the risk associated with paper and electronic financial activity and can be tailored to support a wide range of accounting and reporting systems. For example, when your business has these products, all working together, you will be in a better position to identify and thwart attempts to compromise your financial accounts.

Integro Bank offers a full suite of Positive Pay Services:

  • Positive Pay – An automated fraud detection service that matches a company’s issued checks with those presented for payment. The dollar amount, check number, and account number must all match, or the check is flagged and sent back to the issuer for review.

  • Payee Positive Pay – This provides another layer of protection where Integro bank will also confirm the payee's name as a part of matching process. The dollar amount, check number, payee and account number must all match, or the check is flagged and sent back to the issuer for review.

  • Reverse Positive Pay - Best for micro small business who do not write too many checks. With this tool, you review a list all the checks that have been presented for payments. You then notify Integro Bank which checks are approved to pay or return.

  • ACH Positive Pay -Simply allows you to set customized payment rules for each account where you can create a list of authorized ACH Transactions, or a list of unauthorized transactions; Exception notifications are presented to you for "pay or return.“

  • ACH Debit Block – This feature blocks all ACH debit transactions. Any incoming ACH is automatically returned to the originating bank.

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