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Investing with Purpose

Investors interested in doing well by doing good can achieve this goal in many ways, but the three primary approaches to incorporating this concept into an investment portfolio tend to be Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), socially responsible (SRI), and impact investing.  

Sustainable Investing

Seek companies with potential for sustainable business practices and positive impact. Aiming to identify companies that produce beneficial products in a responsible way. 

We look at Human health and wellbeing, Environmental health and resource stewardship, equity and access to resources, and efficiency and effectiveness of systems. 

Diversity & Inclusion

At Integro Bank, we know that Diversity & Inclusion is an essential element of everyone’s success. Whether internally with our colleagues, or externally with our customers and communities, it all serves the same mission — to make everyone feel valued, respected and heard. Through our community initiatives and Business Resource Groups, we demonstrate every day how we don’t just talk about Diversity & Inclusion, we wear it on our (rolled-up) sleeves. 

Community Involvement

Being involved in the community is not only part of the DNA of Integro Bank, but also a differentiator. Integro Bank works with valuable community organizations to support those which have a true impact on the lives of those around them. 

Responsible Business Practices

Corporate activities whose main purpose is to benefit individuals, a community or the environment. They include sponsorship, grants, corporate volunteering, and community engagement.

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