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Integro Bank’s competitors compete primarily on price and viewed as commodities. Integro Bank is the only Bank in the nation with our main key differentiator, the Integro CEO Club

The Integro CEO Club provides small business leaders the opportunity to share their best practices, attend educational mentoring sessions, and become the owner of their own bank! Our mission is to create a community with resources for business owners and leaders to achieve breakthrough potential.

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Community: Unique community-centered service only available to clients and shareholders. Networking: Leverage vast leadership network to provide clients with access to mentoring and coaching from industry leaders. Resources: Educational resource platform focused on bringing in prominent business leaders to share business insights and ideas. Business Growth and Performance: Help other Small Businesses grow and impact employment through Integro360 Consultative Solutions.

The 3 C's Model

It is also described as the 3 C’s Model, which is illustrated below, where Integro Bank (Proposed) is anticipating investors to become customers with a conversion rate of 75% to 85%. Whereas most of De Novo Bank experience any where from 10% to 20% customers conversion rate. This high degree of overlap between the investors and customers sets the stage for top bank performance.

3 Cs Model

The 3 C's: High Degree of Overlap between the Investors and Customers Sets Stage for Bank Performance

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